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About Us

                     Massachusetts-Chapter  (Established-1984)

Welcome to the Massachusetts Chapter of the Indian American Forum for Political Education (IAFPE), a cornerstone of the Indian American community's political engagement in the United States. Established in 1984, our chapter is part of a distinguished national organization that was incorporated in 1982 in Washington, D.C. The IAFPE is the only nonprofit, non-partisan entity solely dedicated to the political education of Indian Americans, setting us apart from other organizations that focus on cultural, religious, and social facets.

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Our Mission

The Indian American Forum for Political Education, Massachusetts Chapter (IAFPE Massachusetts), champions the civic empowerment and political integration of Indian Americans. Founded in 1984 as the sole non-partisan, nonprofit entity in this field, we aim to elevate political consciousness, boost democratic engagement, and support the seamless assimilation of Indian immigrants into the fabric of American society. Our approach includes promoting voter registration, hosting educational events, and bridging communication between Indian Americans and government representatives.

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Our Achievements


Bi-partisan Engagement

We've successfully established a strong bi-partisan liaison with the Democratic and Republican State and National Committees, championing a unified approach to advocate for our community's interests.


Strengthening India-US Relations

Through strategic initiatives, including congressional luncheons and briefings with the Indian Embassy, we have significantly enhanced the bilateral relations between India and the United States, fostering mutual respect and cooperation.


Educational Outreach

Our initiatives have reached policymakers at all levels of government, addressing critical issues such as immigration reform, discrimination, and the protection of civil rights, thereby fostering a better understanding and response to the needs of Indian Americans.


Grassroots Mobilization

Our commitment to civic engagement shines through our grassroots efforts in voter registration and promoting citizenship. We believe in the power of community service and active participation to effect positive change

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Gope Gidwani, President

"Our foremost goal is to deepen the political involvement and awareness among Indian Americans in Massachusetts. We are set on ensuring that our community's perspectives and voices resonate across all echelons of the political spectrum."
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Our Goals

Ram Uphadya

"Education is the cornerstone of empowered engagement. We are excited to broaden our array of educational programs, from seminars and workshops to internships, all designed to furnish our community with the critical knowledge and skills for impactful political participation."
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Usha Uphadya

“Unity is strength. We aspire to forge stronger alliances with other organizations, uniting efforts to confront and navigate the broader challenges faced by our community. Together, we aim to create a cohesive agenda and a robust support framework.”
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Our Story

The Indian-American Forum for Political Education IAFPE (Forum) was incorporated in 1982 in Washington, DC as a National Organization to represent Indian Americans in the Political system of the United Sates of America. While many other organizations promote cultural, religious and social activities in the Indian community, the Forum is unique in that it is the only nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to political education. There are Forum chapters in many sates including California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington D.C. 

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Our Executive Committee

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